Advocacy & Reports

Over the years, the VCCIA have produced a number of Reports to Ministers and heads of departments, both in writing and through personal delegations, resulting in positive outcomes for Alliance members and the wider industry. 

While the VCCIA acknowledges that there will be industry issues that arise which not all members of the Alliance can have a common interest in, it is the core function of the Alliance to advocate on those issues upon which there is unanimous agreement.

Please see below for a breakdown of current and past Reports developed by the Alliance on behalf of industry groups.

If you would like the VCCIA to submit a paper or proposal to any key industry leaders on your behalf, please contact us. We would be glad to assist in any way that we can.

Reforming Public Construction Policy - May 2018

The Alliance seeks reform in current public procurement practices and processes, including better planning of projects, improving industry feedback mechanisms and participation in government tenders and lifting government procurement capability. While the Alliance supports the State Government’s objective to reform public construction, as outlined in the Treasurer’s paper ‘Reforming Public Construction’ (November 2016), particularly regarding civil infrastructure, we encourage the extension of these initiatives to the management and renewal of existing public civil infrastructure assets.

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Extractive Materials Supply Shortages - February 2017

VCCIA Members have highlighted the critical urgency emerging with regard to access to affordable extractive materials in the face of projected population growth and large government infrastructure projects. Please see below a letter from VCCIA President Bob Seiffert to The Hon Wade Noonan MP Minister for Resources, outlining these concerns and what we would like to see done as a matter of urgency to address this issue.

CLICK HERE to download the full letter to the Minister.

Submission to Essential Service Comimssion on Local Government Rates Capping & Variation Framework - May 2015

The purpose of this submission is therefore to identify the challenges and opportunities that the civil infrastructure sector, predominantly Small to Medium Enterprise companies [SMEs] face with Local Government rates capping and to offer recommendations to optimise the positive outcomes that rates capping will bring to Alliance members and Victorian communities. 

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Achieving Civil Infrastructure Procurement Best Practice - November 2009

The Victorian civil construction industry continues to face pressure from all stakeholders for improved cost efficiency, demonstrable value for money services and better quality outcomes for the wide array of infrastructure projects it has the task of delivering. Clear trends are emerging in project and service procurement models, to now consider different delivery arrangements.

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Local Government Procurement Strategy - September 2008

Ernst & Young was appointed to develop a procurement strategy and performance assessment model for Victorian Local Government. This report sets out the core findings, recommendations and initial road map for delivery of that Strategy.The Strategy was developed in close consultation with Local Government Victoria, the Municipal Association of Victoria (MAV), a range of key stakeholders, and many councils who contributed data, insight and feedback to the process.

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Strong Foundations for Sustainable Local Infrastructure

Australia needs greater investment in its local infrastructure.

Australia‘s infrastructure requirements are well-documented. Inadequate investment in infrastructure leads to constrained economic activity, lower productivity and competitiveness, reduced amenity for users and declining social equity.

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