The Victorian Civil Construction Industry Alliance (VCCIA) is designed to drive innovation for the civil construction industry and work with all levels of government to deliver efficient civil infrastructure for the state.

The Alliance is currently made up of over 20 industry groups who collectively employ tens of thousands of professional, skilled and unskilled workers and are responsible for delivering more than $3B worth of civil infrastructure works for local government.

Apart from positioning itself as an industry leading body which is focused on building collaboration and achieving common goals for the sector, the other key objectives of the VCCIA include…

Civil 1

Increasing the capacity of the civil construction sector to respond to or influence Government policy.

Civil 2

Assist in the dissemination to Alliance Members, key Government and industry information relating to the sector.


Providing a vehicle to cooperate with other relevant alliances and employer groups.


Exchanging information on best practice initiatives pursued by Alliance Members.


Providing access to the range of specialist skills and networking opportunities available within the Alliance.

Specialist Skills

Strengthening the sector through smaller interest groups.

Our valued VCCIA Members